hi guys.

just wanted to get it clear for me, most of you guys here would say change your amp before you change your pickup assuming you've got a half decent amp.
what would you consider half decent? how would a cube30 fair?

now ive got a guitar. an Epi Les Paul standard. ive heard from most of you guys here that emg actives work well with mahogany. ive got a few contacts who are willing to sell me the sets 81/85 for cheap.
would the amp do justice? or would i be better off saving for a better amp and LATER getting the pickups?

would it sound completely diferent if ive loaded my LP with emgs and plugged it into the Cube30 compared to Marshall JCM series (lower end of course)?

whats the pros cons of pickups vs amps?

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i dont speak from experience. but from what i've read EMGs only sound good in high end tube amps.
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Well, in my opinion, I would go with an amp first. Getting new pickups would definitely help your sound, but they would help it more if you had an amp that had a better sound. With a good guitar, you need an amp capable of giving out that great sound. I'm not saying that a great amp with a crappy guitar will sound great, but to me, a good amp and lower end guitar sounds better than a high end guitar out of a low end amp. You say you currently have an Epi Les Paul Standard, and they really are a decent guitar. I play one out of a Marshall JCM900 tube head, and it sounds pretty damned nice.
so by comparison, the cube30 wouldnt be as capable compared to a high end amp in producing the best out of the pickups?

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I don't have any first hand experience with the Cube 30, but speaking from the solidstate vs tube standpoint, it definitely would not be as capable.
ok. but then again, an upgrade to emgs would still improve the sound nonetheless. correct? even though its on the cube30?

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now i dont have cash for a better amp...but i can get the pickups for cheap...your advice?

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My advice would be the amp first too, put the money you have now towards it, you'll get the biggest improvement from an amp purchase. Get the pups later.

Oh your LP isn't all mahogany either unless of course it's a Plain Top.