I joined a band and am the main songwriter. I have never done something like this thougout my history with music (Whole life). I play guitar (22 years old). I was thinking that to get a song written, I could hear it instrumentally on the computer, mess around with the parts a bit and then write it.

I know that there are a lot of programs out there for this, but where can I look? I'm a beginner songwriter, and the band is a metal band. Also - $50-75.
Guitar Pro. Or do you want a recording program?

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If you want to record, then you can start off with Audacity, which is free.

I personally don't know of any recording programs in your price range, all else I'm familiar with are in the hundred dollar range.
^ oooh kay...... hmmmm filesharing is bad mmm kay? HINT HINT.... you could get some basic software, i think audacity is free, there are some other free software programs as well for recording. do a search on here for some. the inherent problem comes in recording drums, if you don't know about recording drums i'll give ya the skinny, you need lots of decent mic's..... around 12 +, your music store may have a drum mic setup kit (check guitar center.com) that will cost less than buying individual mic's. then you need a mixer to mix the kit. this of course is for the most professional sound, it is possible to use less mic's, you just won't get as good of a sound as you may prefer.
Thanks - I'll try out guitar pro. Seems like a great program. Ok - on the low end price wise - what can I record with? Links are good too.
as mentioned above, audacity is free. though i'm of the personal belief that as far as music recording programs go you get what you pay for. although audacity is a good tool i think you're limited to track usage. most sound recording programs such as acid cost a couple hundred dollars for the basic version. really prolly all you want is unlimited multi track playback. check out guitarcenter.com or musiciansfriend.com for general pricing.