not my genre we could say
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Sorry, I could only handle about half a verse. The whining vocalist thing seems to be popular, but it sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.
The guitar sounded OK, though.
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Hey this is my first acoustic song I recorded with this software, I was just messing around with ideas. So don't be brutal on my singing, it's only a demo. Just want some feedback on the overall feel of the song. Thanks.


Well, i'm not comment on the singing coz you don't want that...ok.

The overall feel is...I dunno i don't know how to put my finger around it...its good guitar but that's it...flesh it out a little yeah? what do ya record with?


crit mine?

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I like the guitar part a lot even though it's not the highest quality recording. It sounds really good, though. The singing is really good, I mean on pitch and stuff, but I just don't really like that style of singing even though it is kind of popular right now. I think this song is a lot better than a lot of things that are on the radio now, though, so good job. It's really catchy, but for me I think I would like it better with less whiny vocals and a better guitar solo, but that is only my opinion, and I don't like much popular music, so maybe you shouldn't listen to me. You do need to work out some parts of the guitar solo, though, because some of the notes sound kind of weird. This is a very well-written song, though, and it is very catchy. Great job. Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091
that was pretty good. i think you need to change up the main riff in some parts it got repetitive but it was actually a good song. like others said i dont really like the whining vocal style i think it sounds kind of fake and i believe this would sound that much better if u could change that but regardless its still a good recording keep it up the only thing i suggest you work on is maybe adding in some more variety to your guitar parts in future works. i have to say good job though. here's mine if u dont mind checkin it out:
You know, I really actually liked the guitar part a lot, but as others have said, the vocals aren't the best part of the song. Pitchy for sure, on the long held notes it stands out a lot.

Now, EMO isn't my type of music, and most of my friends bash the shit out of it, but I really liked the guitar part to your song.

Mind telling what mic and such thing you used to record?

Also, mind critting my acoustic works?

I like the guitar a lot. and i actually like the style of vocals you have going on. this kind of reminds me of the starting line or something. but i agree that they need to be a tiny bit less whiney. i think you just need to be craftier with when you choose to emphasize certain words. i mean if you say almost every word with that emotional sort of sound it gets a little repetitive. i don't really like the guitar that comes in at about 2:20...but other than that i thought this was really good.

crit mine?