sounds cool, spice up those riffs a bit, but yea i like the smoothness

edit: listening to the second song, love the drums, where are those loops from? i suggest when recording to make ur tone a lot warmer, cause i can't hear a lot of the notes you play, try using reverb as well. its pretty solid besides making that guitar sound bigger and better
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hey thanks for the feedback. The drum loops are from garageband, it's an awesome program but theyre only on Macs. I don't know what the windows equivalent is.
do you ever have trouble with garageband? i feel like if i record something with my guitar, it has to be absolutely perfectly timed for the drums to sync up...you ever have that problem?
If you do figure out what the windows equivalent is, you will better than my dad. So get to work son.
I change the tempo of the song before i start recording, then all the drumbeats seem to fit
ive got a mac too, what do you record your guitar with?
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dude that sounds awesome, i like the drum loops
what'd you use to record the guitars?
I recorded it with the mic thats built into my ibook. I was really impressed by the results i got but i was totally not expecting it.
wow you couldn't tell by the recording, it sounds pretty good
all i do is press record on Garageband and start playing my guitar...
Wow, this is cool stuff. I liked Beach Chair; it actually does make me think of an ocean. The recording quality is really good and the drum loops fit the music perfectly. The guitar could use a little something more; I'm not really sure how to explain it. Keep adding on to it; if this is ever a finished project I would like to hear it again. Really cool dude.

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Waking Up rocks too, I just finished that one. Once again, nice.
beach chair: very sweet sounding. maybe some cooler bass would be good. thanks for the crit.

waking up: this is even better. this reminds me of van morrison.
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Beach Chair: I like how the drums come on in on this song. This song is begging for some vocals to make it shine dude. Other than that, good song dude.

Waking up: Really liked the intro on this one. Again, liked how the drums came in, the bass was a little to high on the drums. This was a good chill song, I liked it.

Crit mine?