I know that a mod is in order for this pedal. I've seen postings about this mod here. I just bought the mod kit on eBay. I wonder if anyone here has actually done this mod themselves. I have a pretty good background in electronics and I solder well. How hard was the mod to do and any problems or suggestions? Also, the kit includes resistors for the brown mod. Any thoughts on this. I play mostly classic rock, AC DC, ZZ-Top, Skynyrd.
Well it should be extremely easy. All it is, is switching a few resistors or such. Dont quite know what that mod kit includes but shouldnt be hard at all. Link?
It is probably just two resistors and a JRC4558D chip; possibly some capacitors and an op-amp socket too. If the kit costs less than 15 bucks, buy it. It's worth it.

If you can replace components on a pcb, you can do this mod.
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yep, thats the standard mojo mod for a ts-9, you get 2 chips and 2 resistors and one socket, that isnt too bad of a price for a complete kit with instructions and stuff. you can take and swap out the 2 opamps to see which you like better, ive also seen people stack opamps on top of eachother, they say it helps cancel noise in addition to more headroom, so you might want to try that too.