Did anyone else see the sweet fights in the Sabres vs Senators game

even the golies got into a fight

and the rookie Pat Kaleta also got in a fight in his first game (He garduated form my shcool, and is the only rookie they were realy talking about the whole game)
^ Oh right, like 5 threads for the Super Bowl, yet we can't have a thread for a hockey brawl? Bullshit.

Chris Neil is a goon.
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I wouldn't call Kaleta a goon, just a really good hitter. Kind of reminds me of Vitaly Vishnevski.
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
the superbowl is a little different than a regular season game. i mean i don't really care, but that's a pretty stupid argument.

i have a friend/drummer that is a huge sabres fan.
Think of how loud the arena would've gotten if the two coaches fought. Man would that be amazing.
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