what are some helpful techniques to get speed with right hand picking classical guitar
practice...haha, but seriously - like finger picking*pima*? or with a pick? arpeggios? flamenco? rest-picking? a little more detail might help
Just take the bottom of barre chords such as:

And try this...


Over and over. (Assuming that you don't use your pinky here) Use the thumb to pick the D string, the index for the G string, the middle for the B string and the ring for the E string. It worked as an excercise for me and it also gets all of your fingers evenly used to picking.

Also sorry if this is really easy and patronising but you really didn't give us an idea of what you were looking for or how advanced you are either.

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clawhammer however, thats not really classical.

just keep at it, blackbird by the beatles or dont think twice by dylan are good fingerpicking songs to gradually get faster and faster at.
theres alot of lessons in the lesson section that cover this, you should try look for some