Hey people, been missing out on criting peoples songs lately my computer = busted for the past few weeks. Stupid virusus, thinking about getting a Mac.

Put your hand in mine
While the sun still shines
Don't know what to look for
But lets go, into the storm

We're both lost, in a daze
Everythings been happening in a haze
We'll get through this, just a bit of time
Is all it'll take, and then we'll find

The storm, it's in the way we're going
It could be raining, could be snowing
But, 'till we get there, there's no knowing
So we'd better get going, into the storm

So put your hand in mine
Before the sun stops shining
We'll find what we're looking for
But for now, we're in the storm

The storm of crap loaded at my place
The storm that keeps you stuck inside
The storm that brings cold to your heart
Let's head right over there, it's a start

So put your hands in mine
The sun's stopped shining
We'll never find it, anymore
All we can do is head into the storm

Crit for crit people, thanks for reading