I thought I was tough
When my best friend died
I acted like nothing happened
Never slowed down, never cried

But now, as I look back
I realize I wasn't thinking
Just couldn't believe she had left me
I thought that I was dreaming

Oh, what happended that day
I lost my best friend
She was killed without reason
But you basterds don't give a damn

I thank you for being there
Always right by my side
I you had left any sooner
I'm sure I would've died

Now I'm confused, as you'll hear
I loved her, but now she's gone
I'm sure you love me
But wouldn't that be wrong

What happened that day
My best friend was lost
She was killed without reason
Now she's just rotting dust

Since that day, my life's been on hold
Don't know where to go, or what grips to hold
But she'll be with me, I'm sure
She's just right up there

Watching me

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