What is your favorite song to play? Because its fun, sounds cool, popular?

My favorite is "Bold as Love" -hendrix
Good choice. That song's fun.
Right now mine would have to be Crazy Train. I have a 100% correct Guitar World tab for it, and it's just so fun and easy to add your own fills and improvs.

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It's not really necessary to make a thread asking. You'll find out quite easily just by browsing the forum.
my fav all time to play is seven nation army, just cause my friends love it and better yet they how no idea how easy it is to play
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I'm quite fond of Metallica's Damage Incorporated at the moment. Fun riffs, and the solo is relatively easy.
oo oo, VooDoo Chile by SRV, the muted scratching with the wah is so fun to play and then it explodes into a rock and roll religious experience, amn then u turn ur pickup on and off while releasing the string slowly from the bend sounding awsome, easy to fill and wail too...
the song with the notes.... thats the fun one.... you know.... that one song, on that cd by that band.... the one that kicks a$$...... (what kind of f#ckin question is this!?!?)
It's all opinion. But you can try to play Fury of the Storm by DragonForce.
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living dead beat by children of bodom its great i love the intro and the main riff great to jam

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There is no favorite song to play. Jamming a simple chord progression is the best with friends.
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justin, that was easily the most inspiring, helpful piece of advice anyone has ever given me in regards to my musical pursuits.

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Hangar 18 - Megadeth. solos are fun. whole songs fun. yeah

yeah thats a good one. i would say Search and destroy by iggy and the stooges. it has all the energy of punk with some nice solos mixed in
dont forget me by rhcp
i love playing the original solo for a few bars then going off on my own solo
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Always been Under The Bridge by RHCP, always will be.

i completely agree with you on that one. all the little hammer ons and pull offs keep it interesting the whole way through.