can anyone tell me what some good scales or chord progressions would be good to use in a southern metal song?

Use these notes from this chord progression. This should give you a good and basic "southern hardcore" sound. You can just mess with this and also use single notes from those chords. Hope that helps.
listen to the Black Crowes, Big Wreck and Big Sugar, the latter two are from Alberta (my homeland ) but they have a very southern sound, try playing some blues progressions, they can sound very nitty gritty southern then heavy it up and uve got Southern Heavy
yeah led hed is pretty close on. it depends on the southern sound you're looking for. Pantera which to me is the original definition of southern fried metal is basically at its core blues/chromatics pounded out with some heavy distortion pretty quick and with some attitude. Getcha Pull!!!!
thanks guys, this is really helping. if it helps you in a response at all, im looking for a feel like Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, or the new CD (Temptation Come My Way) by The Showdown. also, i like some of the things that Seemless has done on their newest CD.

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Try some Molly Hatchet, use penatonics, mixolydian, aeolian, maybe dorian
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use pentatonics for solos and such. try Em. that should get you started

for chords I usually go E, G, A and throw in some picking pattern and maybe add like a A# or a F# and palm mute and keep you picking fast. its also depends what kind of southern metal you are going for. for example, in my band we're southern thrash so we have a real fast, up tempo sound.

for example with the chords, Pantera's "Cowboys from Hell"

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try A blues scale and then work your way into other keys:

A C D D# E G
1 b3 4 b5 5 7

its basicly a penatonic scale with a b5.
Listen to Maylene and The Sons of Disaster and He Is Legend...Think mostly Pentatonic and Blues scale...Mixolydian sounds sick too

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