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Okay so this is for the new guys, the ones that are gonna be pushing the veterans for all they're worth.

All you have to do is say "I'm in" and leave your name in a post in this thread. Then you are added to the list. Once the list has between 9-12 people. A due date will be set, this is the length of time you have to PM a piece to ME. Thats it, then check back in the Contest forum to see the polls.

You must have registered after 1st Nov 06 to be eligible

Any piece will do.

- axe395 (Salvador)
- Ragglefraggle (Travis)
- ndakasimba (Edgar)
- Ramblin' Man (Pat)
- ihaterap101 - (Joe)
- Defy - Your name is MUSE?
- abhieshek21 (Andy)
- Mistress Alia (Alia)
- Siftings (Brian)
- Deluster (Travis)
- wshnationals (Kd)
- I am the robots (Mappy)

the deadline is gonna be Sat 3rd March.
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WTF? I wish I could join...this would be about the only contest i would've participated in sicne i never get to sign up for the mod challenge.
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Quoting yourself is cool.

WARNING: I kill threads.

*points to join date*
time machine. Inadvertently, I had created a
i'll join this
the names Lance

do what you like like what u do
eh, durkafan, check your join date man. only those after 1 nov 06 can enter- yours is august.

sk8r- this contests forum is for lyric and poem competitions. We play for points (see the points thread) which add up in a table. This competition is for newbies only, these being described as those with a 1 nov 06 join date onwards
im in. names joe
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I'm in. Muse.
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You rock.
i am in my name is andy

and yeah i have one more thing to ask since i dont have any points becuse i dont .can i still be a part of a comp????
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sooo what's the deal here? are noobs not allowed to to enter other comps? are we discouraged from doing so? please explain...
i don't think any of these vets are pros.. some are very good, but they're not unbeatable. *movie announcer voice* -- Some day, the n00bs will rise up and take back what has been denied them for generations *cue epic music* XD
in memory of Darby Crash I'm in...

...that is if no one's going to say I can't compete for some dumb reason

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I can't believe you stole my joke Kyle. I've done that like literally every time there's been a newbie comp, and I think they let me in a couple times since I'm so persuasive.

Also I did it with more subtlety and tact. You suck.

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Ok, I am in. Name is Travis As well. I will pm my first piece.
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I haven't set a due date yet, but if you have a piece ready, just send it to me via PM.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Quote by ndakasimba
i don't think any of these vets are pros.. some are very good, but they're not unbeatable. *movie announcer voice* -- Some day, the n00bs will rise up and take back what has been denied them for generations *cue epic music* XD

Some of the 'vets' here have indeed been published...

I don't think anyone is saying that you CAN'T enter other comps., you just have more of a shot at winning here.

And by the time you 'rise up and take back', you won't be a noob...
haha, i was jk man. : ) it's all good.

and yeah, i'm on the list twice.. and my name is Edgar. Hi.

btw, not to be an a**, but getting published is not very difficult. it's a matter of where you get published.

local newspapers and publications will publish terrible rubbish- leaf through the poetry section of your town's paper and you'll see what I mean... it's all "The first day of spring, the snow-white snow is melting/the brown birds have returned from their long vacation, and they're singing nicely..."

: '

getting published in the new yorker, or a similar poetry publication, however... that's an amazing accomplishment. i would be impressed to the extreme.

sooo what i'm saying is, chill. i'm not attacking anyone. : )
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im in. kd
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