if a spoon had legs could he eat soup?

but you don't eats soup you drink soup?

but what if its campbells chunky soup you can't drink clam chowder?

the clam would bite you?

no the clam is cooked?

the spoon would walk away from you because it nows you cant drink a clam?

but the doesnt have a brain so how would it know?

by now the spoon would evolve to have a brain?

spoons dont evolve?

everything evolves?

the spoons metal?

there was no metal 10,000 years ago so it evolved?

so what did they listen to?
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Therefore your argument is rubbish, as well as being full of profanity and anti-Semitic. Are you Mel gibson, by any chance?
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you and your Jewish mindgames
metal's always existed....iron's an element...


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Quoting yourself is cool.

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A spoon doesn't have a mouth theirfore it can't drink any kind of soup. Problem solved.
the spoon got legs and arms

had no brain so it just laid there

millions of years later the spoon evolved and got a brain

the soup was cold so he didnt eat/drink it

thats how it would end

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nice try, but everyone knows

there is no spoon
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it evolved into a spork...

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