I covered this one about a year ago, but I just redid it in Eb this time. Backing track sounds kinda weak but it's alright. A bit of improv here and there too. Check it out

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Really good. Did you have to use the synth toms? There's so many good free drum machines out there. Even in MIDI. Great guitar work though.

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Can't wait to hear this, I loved your first one.

I'm loving the feeling the Eb is throwing into the mix. Awesome tone, great use of harmonics. I throw them in at the same places.

I gotta say though, the backing track was terrible. I think they have a better one at www.guitarbt.com. If it isn't under the Metallica section, check the not sorted yet section.

Anyways, playing was solid as hell, tone was awesome also. Overall it was great. Good job man.
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