Ok well see i've been playing about a year and im into alot of rock and hard rock and things like that. I've recently been looking for places to play around town and such and all i could find is this one country...very country place. And in order to play there i'll have to play some old stuff... so yeah alot of the older stuff i've be interested in playing is mostly done using thumb picks...and i need somewhere to start i have a thumb pick but its very difficult to use. I need some advice on u know... how to do this kinna thing.... evenually i want to play some chet atkins, chuck berry, or some b.b. king type stuff.... and so yeah where do i start? and some easy clean blues type songs to learn would also be helpful thanks
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in my opinion, the only reason that dean and BC Rich guitars are so popular is because the people who play only want them for the pointy parts to stab people (such as their singer, or that guy from fall out boy)