Hi I've been looking around for an electric guitar to start a kiddie on around the age 9-12. I've been recommended the Fender Mini, but I found the Dean Evo Playmate which seems like a better guitar for the same price (100 bucks.) I intend on getting something thats a smaller size for smaller hands for them so I' appreciate no "They'll grow out of that thing" comments, I know they will, then they will need a larger guitar.
How old is the kid in question? I'm confident a 12-year old could handle a standard (25 1/2") size guitar, as long as it's a strat shape and not a Les Paul or a Flying V. But a 9-year old should probably have a guitar like a mini-strat. What music will he/she play? I think the Fender/Squier model comes with single coil pickups, and the Dean probably comes with humbuckers.

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You should go with something Inexpensive as possible. They are young and usually dont have lots of responsibility, which means they will probably scratch it or break it or something along those lines. I would say go with like an Indiana. They make an Inexpensive strat copy.

Call the place at the bottom of my page. They will hook you up. I promise.
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