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So, my girlfriend was in my room and she noticed I have tons of cd's everywhere. We've been dating for about 6 months now. So, she makes a little comment saying I've spend more on music then her. I just laugh and it goes away. A little bit later she starts bringing it up. Now, (today) she actually went out and calculated how much money I have spent on music compared to her. Needless to say is that my music total came to about $1,200. Now she is really making a big deal. Should I dump this chick now that she keeps complaining I don't spend enough on her? I'm also in highschool so I don't feel the need to get involved seriously with any girl.

So how much money have you guys spent on music?

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I've spend fortunes on my music and DVD collection.

She actually brought a calculator up, man? She's being seriously materialistic. Tell her to get over it. If she doesn't, dump her.
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I've probably spent about $500 on music and the rest got from a friend who has an 80 gig hard drive full of stuff. I didn't ask how he got it.
tell her to **** off if she REQUIRES that her boyfriend spend most of HIS money on HER... you get her SOME presents right? How much of her cash does she spend on ****ing shoes and clothes, man? Tell her if you're gonna spend all your money on her, she can do the same for you. Then you can both be broke and have a bunch of stuff you didn't really want.

also... maybe 1400 bucks on CD's so far...
I've got somewhere in the ballpark of 200 cds, 160 of which I've bought, figuring 14 dollars per cd so that's like $2,240 spent on music.
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yeah, I buy her some shit and stuff. She's really materialistic though, and I find it odd cause she is one of the really preppy, hot chicks at my school and I, well I just listen to alot of black metal and play football

And yeah, she brought up a friggen' calculator on me I just laughed and then you should have seen her then

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Theres more of us it wont be long before we you over the world and you can burn all the churchs you want

I'm MAD about Black Metal. Ask me about Church Burnings.
It's not like you didn't listen to music before you met her, honestly man, your girl sounds pretty dumb, tell her (nicely) to stop stressing about such stupid things

Anyway, I've probably spent about at least a grand on all my music and music dvds, then if you start including my stereo and stuff (guitars, amps...) the prices start getting pretty steep....
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Just buy her CDs you want.
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Where i work:
I actually have a list. I haven't spent any money on music for several years, but:

Slim Shady LP 15
Unstable 15
Korn, Issues, Follow The Leader 10
Enema Of The State 3
Take Off Your Pants And Jacket 3
S.C.I.E.N.C.E. 4
Make Yourself 4
International Superhits 4
What It Is To Burn 4
Unwritten Law 4
Headphones 15
The Sickness 5
White Pony 5
CD player 66
Pinkerton 14
Evil Empire, Dude Ranch, Around The Fur 40
Welcome Interstate Managers 19
Silence 13
Clip Earphones 8
This Kind of Thinking 13
Adrenaline 12
Panasonic Portable Speakers 30
Bleed Like Me 11
Total 317

...yep. That's roughly in chronological order, and I bought Bleed Like Me on the first day it came out, so that'll give you an idea of the last time I spent money on music.
I've spent a shitload on music, cds and not to mention equipment. I would stop buying her anything and see how long it takes her to break up with you. Its the most dickish cowardly thing possible!
people pay for music?

equipment i have spent about $800
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Well CDs are $20 most times... so you've got only like 60 CDs.
I've got over 100 albums between me and my friend, so that's a big chunk of change right there.
But hey, you're a musician. That's like an artist buying paintings or a chef buying food. Well, everyone buys food but you know what I mean. Like fancy food or something.

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ever heard of digital music?
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Roughly $8000. I have a LOT of music...and that's averaging $8 per cd.
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Tell her u've been getting ur cd's all ur life while u've only been with her for (insert time). plus that's just being materialistic.
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half the fun is finding stuff at the used music store. i'm too cool for vinyl, i buy cassette tapes for my '92 honda stock stereo.
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half the fun is finding stuff at the used music store. i'm too cool for vinyl, i buy cassette tapes for my '92 honda stock stereo.

Word up, I've been rocking the Dropkick Murphys on a mixtape in my 91 Plymouth Sundance...
lets see i have quite a bit of music and my trips to the local music store are around $100-$200 at a time and i have made like 6 or thats like....ummmmm... close to $1000.
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i've spent more on music than i've spent on my girlfriend and i've been with her for about 2 1/2 years, and about a year later i discovered illegal downloading...
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Thats when I still bought CD's . I still do, but only if I want to support my favorite bands. I have about 250 last I checked. Meh, I'll prolly dumb the chick, I have no problem getting chicks....just wish I could find one that wasn't a bitch

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Theres more of us it wont be long before we you over the world and you can burn all the churchs you want

I'm MAD about Black Metal. Ask me about Church Burnings.
I've spent quite a bit on music, never really calculated it though. As for your other problem...

Your level of caring for her= how much money you spend on her?

Dump this shallow, materialistic ****.
All I spend money on is music. and some art supplies.

Must be a few k's by now. I don't download too much, just a bit when my friends care to help.
Probably somewhere around $200 on just Cds. We're not counting guitar equipment are we?
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I have loads of cd's, but I don't know how much they cost.(To Captainofsmug), you should really dump her, she probably goes out with you for the stuff you sometimes give her, hence the calculator.
Lol, my cousin's girlfriend is awesome, she's spent $1500+ of stuff on him. Anyway, let's see:
$20 + $9.95 = $29.95

i'd say probably like $800 ish maybe.. not that much reall yet
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put it this way: if i had paid for all the music i own, i would be a lot poorer than i currently am.
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I have spent probaly close to $1,800 maybe even more.
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Either dump her or, if she keeps complaining, show her Dawn of The Black Hearts and say this is what you'll she'll end up like if she doesn't stop complaing, minus the suicide though.
On CD's, my stereo and sub, amps, guitars, strings, etc, I'd say around the $2500 mark
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Ive spent a ridiculous amount..... About $15000 on equiptment..... Probably got $7000 of music too.... My cd and record collection....
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Im sorry but my boyfriend has spent thousands on music including his new bass, his new amp his new computer...i dont give a shit its his its your money spend it how you like for gods sake ive got about 100 cds and 50 dvds atleast so ive spent alot of money, i dont spend half of that on my boyrfriend.....shes not worth it mate
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I've spent about $400 on gear and probably $650 on tapes and CDs.
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In the last 6 years, if we don't take into account the DEVICES used to listen to music, then 0 US$
Yup, I know I'm a fucking thief.

Too much

I should go home and calculate it its probably about £300ish, i only have 50 or 60 cd's
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On cheating in a relationship...

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In one go I spent £128.99 on like 25 CD's


In one go on gear, I spent something like £400
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