probably the powerball if you can afford it
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So the Powerball is the one with the most distortion.

How much is the head gonna cost me?

The powerball has more gain than any other amp I have tried.

Around $1900 new. $1500 used.
Hey Genocide i was looking into the Fireball how does it compare
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Bearing in mind I've only played the Powerball for a few minutes at a low volume I can only give a stetchy VS arguement.

Powerball sounded more processed, auto-gain kinda distorsion. Cleans were lovely and the channels 2+3 were very nice. I didn't like how smooth and erm...can't think of a word here but it sounded like a river of gain.

The Fireball on the other hand I much more prefered, it has a sharper, crunchier, harsher agressive gain. Like a waterfall of sorts. And it goes from clean straight to Ultra-gain. Which is what I needed. I play thrash metal and them's the only two things I need. This might seem a rad retarded, but if you're a fan of boosted marshalls the fireball might be your thing. But if you prefer Dual Rectos, Uberschalls and such. The Powerball would be your man.
I've had the Savage for about 7 months, and after tweaking with the settings i've managed to work out a good level of distortion for playing Iron Maiden, Edguy etc type of metal and that doesn't involve maxing out the distortion.

There are some clips of ENGL products on this web site:


p.s. is it pronounced (en-gul, en-gel or en-gluh)?
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Hey Genocide i was looking into the Fireball how does it compare

The fireball is much more like a savage 60 than a powerball.

I wouldn't say that a Powerball is "Autogain" there are plenry of different settings etc for the amplifier than one would think. It can be very raw etc if you set it right but I wont go thru the details for that.