Kvlt Ov Thy Mighty Gods (The Snow Stained In The Ash Ov Thy Sacrifice)

The moon ascends, the silver sails the hallow heavens
Shining on the stones of this pagan sacred ground
Blood decants, a sacrificial instinct
The dusk of a festival
The cannibals initiate the feast
They heave the discarded to the altar

The winter becomes drenched in residue
The flames climb as to the undefined
The eyes of the spirits peer down upon us
The arctic atmosphere is adequate to chill the bones

Footsteps in the crimson stained snow
Blemishing the faces of the bleak with ash
Unashamed of what they did
As a ritual they gaze as existence becomes severed off
They entitle themselves new beings
As they crawl into the hellhole which they came
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