Alright, I own about 6 comics and never really cared about them. A friend mentioned to me once that all the Marvel superheroes are fighting each other and it seemed cool. So I stumbled on this:


Its a thread in some other forum that has the links to the 6 issues of this civil war thing. But they're rewritten and absolutely ****ing hilarious. Just figured I'd share it with the crowd, cause this is damn funny.

BTW, anyone know whats happening in the REAL storyline, cause now I kinda wanna know all the inside jokes. If you know of a place where the real comics are scanned in, that'd be nice too.
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Yeah I read the one for Civil War 6 when it came out... the bit with Castle sweariong was awesome but there are a lot of comic injokes in there, such as how The Punisher is currently on an adult label and thus contains swearing so making him swear in the normal run was just awesome.
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i heard about civil war yesterday, if you go on wikipedia they outline the plot quite well.
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