guys...ive seriously lost interest in playing the guitar. i used to be quite decent at it, but....dare i say it, its become boring! i havent touched the guitar for roughly 2 months now! im on it now, and i really suck now. i dont remember me being this bad! man... its like ive stopped learning and stuff. well i dont go for classes, and im pretty busy with school and stuff so i dont have much internet time to go learn stuff from here. the songs that i listen to sounds good, but everytime i want to learn them, my rigs my downfall. i cant get the tone/sound or anything to sound the same which makes me stop learning that song. and when i try learning them despite not getting the tone, i cant play them. im not good enough anymore. even the songs i used to be able to nail PERFECTLY i screw up here and there, everywhere!....


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well maybe its because you ain't played in 2 months, get back on the horse, pick up your axe and once again become a decent guitarist

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sounds like....u need a...

every time i pick up the guitar now...i dont know what to do with it. i dont know where to start. this sucks...

You know they rock.
i sometimes get like that. try unplugging your guitar all together and just play it without the amp. run through a few riffs and noodle out a solo or something. i find that if i can't get a good tone with my setup, it's easier to just go unplugged for a while.
Try watching an old live performance from your favourite band or clapton or hendrix etc. to be inspired to play.
A) Stop typing and start playing


B) make life easier on us, and never play again. One less guitar player= more lovin' for me.
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maybe u really sucked before and didn't realize it, just enjoying to play, and now that ur not as mystified ur looking at it objectively realizing what already was for what it really is...
Shit you're lucky you can even remember the things you used to play if you haven't touched a guitar in 2 months.

Personally I would get into some random pentatonic noodling to get myself back into the swing of things, nothing to extreme, just simple shit to remind your fingers what playing guitar is like.

I find any kind of concert DVDs inspirational, so if you've got any, watch em.

As for tone, find your own. You're never going to be able to match what you hear. Studio magic combined with massively expensive amplifiers, effects and god knows what else goes into getting pro bands sounding the way they do.

Maybe your equipment sucks, I really don't know what you use so I can't say. But find a sound that will serve the purpose you're looking for and use that, even if it sounds totally different. Hell I was playing Metallica songs for years on a crappy fender amp with nothing but an overdrive pedal. It was a high gain crunch that sounded nothing like metallica, but it worked, and it actually didn't sound all that bad.
yeah it takes a while, dont expect to shred the instant you pick up an axe after 2 months, go get a guitar teacher, thats what constantly keeps me going every week, by thursday night im worn down, by friday night(when i have my lesson) i sit at home playing through some crazy arpeggiations or something

play with other guitarist
find a new band to motivate you to learn new songs
get into a challening genre, eg, prog, or something
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I just got out of that position. I wrote my first full song, and I was pooped. I had no idea what juice was left in me at the moment. When I was playing bass, my slap lines were boring and I didn't like them at all. Then I decided to have a listen to some music. I listened to some Larry Graham. I felt better. I looked at my bass differently. I liked that funky sound and decided to listen to some RHCP, their first album to be exact. I listened to Baby Appeal and the inspiration just ran back to me! Hearing that bride in Baby Appeal...man, that bend at the end is just so damned sweet. Hooray for Hillel! I also read an interview with Les Claypool about how he started playing bass. I got inspired.

Anyway, what I'm getting at is...listen to some music you haven't listened to in a while and try to explore different kinds of music. You will look at your instrument differently. Try getting inspired in other ways too. Like someone said, watch some old videos of your favorite bands too