ok so i need help. these past few days ive been just feeling like crap. i dont feel like playing guitar and i cant be bothered listening to music to help me. i dont really know the reason why im like this but it just feels like there is nothing pushing me forward and making me try harder in everything i do, i feel like im empty right now and ive got no goal or ambition. can you please recommend some new music, or even something just to do to make me feel like i have something to look forward to and a goal to reach, thanks

Ug Irish Clan - Pog mo Thoin
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Look at your musical idol. Try different genres of music or you could try painting.
Watch some comedy films ;-) Or good standup. Can't beat a bit of Monty Python and Bill Bailey
try listening to music you know you dont like, it should hopefully make you appreciate music you do like alot more and make you want to play..

if you are kinda into metal....and you have a kinda good skill level, i can reccomend rose of sharyn by Killswitch Engage, BYOB by System of a Down...and even try Wings of a Butterfly by H.I.M

all relatively easy songs, should hopefully get you back into playing again