Do they exist? I mean, wouldn't it be like running a tube amp, only in a pedal form? Like the pedal OD'ing as the gain/volume knob's turned up, 'cause it's built of a tube? Someone shed some light here!
there certainly are loads of tube overdrive pedals, im not sure exactly what they sound like or how they work but they certainly exist
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Soldano Supercharger, Damage Control Solid Metal, Damage Control Liquid Blues, Mesa V-Twin, Mesa BottleRocket, EHX English Muff'n and many more too. Some use solid state circuitry, but some run it like a true tube pre-amp stage. To make it run like a TRUE tube amplifier you'd need to run it through a tube power amp stage as well.
My favourite reverb has a big ol' tube in it.

With the EHX ones, I'm usually afraid I'll step on it too hard and them break the enclosure and glass stuck to the bottom of my shoes.

Before I got pedals-with-tubes-in-them, I was always scared of them overheating and burning my hand too. \
Vox Valvetronix series. I've tried three of the eight (or ten?), and they were all very bad, and stupidly overpriced.
Gaah okay, I get the picture. But how exactly would you run such a pedal through a tube power-amp section? Couldn't they just integrate a power-amp along with the pre-amp in the pedal? Sorry if I'm sounding dumb; my knowledge about such matters as amps is just as shallow as my goddamn English! v_v
If they put the power amp in the pedal, that kind of defeats the purpose imo, it would just be an amp. When I was looking for a tube pedal awhile ago I found the "Gjika Mini-Amp" which is the only one I'm aware of that uses an actual tube power section.
I mean, the pedal having only a preamp tube is a stupid idea, since preamp tube doesn't really give the pedal the actual tone of an all-tube amp; only a minimal volume boost, right? (Sorry about having to post twice...the post editing wasn't taking me anywhere =S)
^ Well, depends on what kind of tone you're after. The distortion you hear on classic records (Cranked Marshall, Vox, and etc) usually refers to power amp distortion whereas in modern amps like Rectos, Kranks, and Bogners it's really all about preamp gain. Of course an all tube amp would be a mix of both, usually with an emphasis on one or the other.
Okay, thanks a lot for clearing that out too. One more question if none of you mind me asking, but the tubes in the pedal are replaceable, right?
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Vox Valvetronix series. I've tried three of the eight (or ten?), and they were all very bad, and stupidly overpriced.

What's funny about that is that Vox doesn't sell a Valvetronix series of pedals. Vox does sell a series of tube driven pedals dubbed "Cooltron" though. Valvetronix is the series of amps.
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Stay away from anything 'tube' and Behringer though.
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