Poll: when do u count a child as alive
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First Breath
18 49%
Point of Conception
7 19%
12 32%
Voters: 37.
Wen do u think a child is classed as "alive"
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When their heart starts beating. None of this 16 cell bullshit.
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is this the abortion question? i think they're alive when they don't need a womb to live
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to class something as alive, you first need to define what life is. there is 40 year olds who have so little of a life that some wouldnt class them as alive...

however, if we can call plants alive, even though they cant think or do anything, then life begins at conception
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Point of conceptions. They can be alive while in the womb, seeing as they eat, and move.

I classify a child as alive at the point where organs begin to form so thats heart lungs and brain. Before that its a zygote and not alive in the sense of the word you are looking for. It is not sencient (sp). That point comes when the brain and spinal chord begin to form and the heart forms.


Plants are "aware" of their surroundings as they are able to manipulate biochemical and metabolic pathways in a way that enables survival. Thats just a comment to the person who said plants cant think. No they cant but they can be "aware" of their surroundings as they can detect changes. Just like animals detect changes in heart, light and other stimuli.
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its when the parents meet and one of them happens to be catholic. No contraception.

(or when the heart starts to beat)
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3 weeks after conception, before that is really has nothing that shows its a baby