i have been playin electric guitar for a while now ( am still not good likes but thats beside the point ) and i have just recently learned how to play "is there anybody out there" by pink floyd and was just wonderin if any of u guys could suggest any other songs like this but that are not too hard lol am still very new to finger picking but enjoy it alot... so plz any suggestions would help alot
does the song you're talking about have a chorus with "i have become comfortably numb"? cos it starts off with "is there anybody out there" too.
cant get onto youtube here, in school with a ****ing blanket ban thing... otherwise good finger picking stuff is stairway to heaven intro
i would recommend jack johnson songs, good to get your fingers moving
try a song like bubbletoes, taylor or flake they are pretty easy to start off with
Try Road trippin' by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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songs by:

John Denver
Harry Chapin
Cat Stevens
James Taylor
Sufjan Stevens

are a good place to start fingerpicking.
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