I like it It's fast,melodic,... Just everything a good metalband needs
Playing any shows in Belgium soon?
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*hugs back and grabs White Ponys ass*
Its pretty good actually.
Your drummer is fukin raw =]
Cannot be is probs my fave.
One thing id say is you should put some more harmonies in your songs =/
Apart from that your pretty sick mayte.
Watch out for FLOODS exploding onto the UK Deathcore scene this summer.
don't like the vox but apart from that its awesome (vocals in metal is always a touchy subject with me anyways).

Not quite in flames but getting there :P
Nice!!!! Recording quality is awesome and you guys sound killer tight. Serenity the enemy is a good song but it is a little repetitive. What gear for the guitars?
Glad people seem to be liking it. I do have to say that the guy that said they didn't like the vox, the vocals didn't come out as well as I'd hoped. I am the vocalist and it definately wasn't a great performance by me, and generally we sound a shit load better live.

Unfortunately we're not playing any gigs in Belgium lol. Don't really have any gigs lined up atm as we're all at university, but i've been working on some new songs, including a progressive metal song that includes more melodies ;-)

Guitarists use

BC Rich Warlock

with Line 6 Spider 2 amps, but they weren't used for the recording. We used a line six preamp instead. Some of the guitar tracks were done using an ESP that the guy we recorded with had. Its a Roope Latvala signiture
Yup, it's definitely (Sp?) good stuff! Might be a bit repetitive at times, and yes, the vocals didn't come out the best.. But it's all nice and melodic as someone said, everything a metal band needs :P

I listened to some more songs during the writing of the post, and I take back what I first said 'bout the vocals, as it was better in the other songs! Reminds me of Slipknot at times, and I'd say Corey is a great vocalist :P Might be a good thing to try to add some variation in your singing, however.. I'm sorry if all of this sound like rants, as that is not at all what I mean. It's great stuff! :P

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