last night, i snapped my high e string.

here's the thing though, i wasnt even playing the dan guitar. i was down tuning from standard E to Drop C.
im wondering if ts because i put my string on differently this time.
i did them how Zakke Wylde does them, oer the tailpeice instead of through it.

is this why they broke?

any help would do
it snapped practically on the machine head.
also could anyone tell me which is better, an RR3 Jackson or ESP alexi 200
^ no no no no ..... *shakes head* its due to string tension and some basic physics..... long story short, it's because you were tuning down so far. you could've tuned to Eb or maybe even D standard without that happening. I suggest if you plan on playing in C, then put fresh strings on, play in C for a while (a day or 2 or 5 to make it worthwhile) then tune up to E. If you insist on tuning down to C from E, do it VERY slowly. btw, it will sound rotten tuning that far down mainly 'cuz you've already stretched the strings out so far, so it will prolly start flapping in the wind.
i think i get it.
i will do that next time then