I have been suffering from what i call blues lead guitar syndrome...lol
I'd really like to learn to play rhythm and lead at the same time and break
out of just soloing over drum tracks.

Lately ive started out with the *Drop-D* tuning and its been goin ok...but slow.
Can anyone offer some advice on playing alone and sounding like two guitarists..
I have electric and acoustic guitars. I would just like to *Play Alone* (all alone)
and crank out some awesome tunes.

What are your favorite tunings and or techniques...?
I bet Charlie Brown's teacher's name was Mrs.Hammett
Die to Live by Steve Vai. Learn that. It's always sounded like two different guitarists to me. Can be fun to play too, because you're often sliding from one half of the neck to the other. Just a suggestion.
good grief *Discouraged* this is eerie...

thats the song that inspired me
I bet Charlie Brown's teacher's name was Mrs.Hammett
Look at Hendrix' way of playing. He combined rythm and lead in a very cool way. It's hard to explain but just look at some tabs. (little wing)
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i recommend learning some classical style playing, classical style involves playing the bass and treble cleffs at the same time and often sounds like 2 guitarists...... incorporate this style into blues
n have a look at some joe pass, pretty easy to play, but the way of mixing chords, melody and bass is pretty interesting. also you'll learn more substitution..

you could also try a nice open tuning, you'll be free to add notes to the lead and have it interesting.
I never do that, what I do (i always try to sound like more guitars) is just play chord melody, both racing and slow, just play nice melody lines and on beat or off beat just add notes from whatever chord you like, derived from that one note (minding the mode)

things get pretty easy that way
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