Hey, im trying to learn hybrid picking, can you guys recommend any good songs to learn that incorporates this technique?
im assuming you mean alternate picking, so some bands to look at is nevermore, arch enemy, any of the guitar gurus (vai, satch, malmsteen, etc). also just try warming up with scales and do 3 notes per string using the patern down up down-down up down-down up down-down up down-down up down-down up down
learn the rhythm parts of 'THROUGH THE FIRE AND FLAMES' this will help you to learn this technique, also a good excercise is to watch videos of Zakk Wylde, he uses it all the time

good luck mate
I think he means hybrid picking like using your fingers and the pick?

If that's the case Under the Bridge and Slow Cheetah by Red Hot Chili Peppers are two great songs that use hybrid picking.

If you mean alternate picking, its a WIDELY used technique. You could pretty much alternate pick any song if you wanted to.
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Cheers for the responses, i know Under the bridge by the chillies and some stuff zakk does. Gonna have a look at through the fire and flames and give that a bash aswell.