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I just found out that I can no longer loosen up one of the FR locking nut on my guitar. My allen key no longer fits in the cavity since it is already pretty messed up (the cavity). I even tried using pliers to turn it sideways, but no luck at all. Please let me know what I can do about it without having to bring it to a shop (its too far, and they charge you $$$ for it). Thank you
get a bigger allen key until you find one that fits tight and try that.

otherwise, you'll have to get pliers and really rag it anticlockwise until it loosens
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you can get a replacement for it... take it to your local guitar shop...NOT GUITAR CENTER OR SAM ASH
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I tried using the pliers turning it anti-clockwise, but nothing happened at all. I even stuck some tapes on the nut to make it easier to turn but still nothing
the only thing i could say, is keep trying different allen keys untill you find the right one. Or go to a shop and get it looked at
For future reference: When your locking screws start to get stripped, get replacement bolts for it, so this doesn't happen again.
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go to the hardware store, take the guitar. and get a bit or driver for a stripped screw.

then order a new locking screw online.

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