I'm looking into buying a practice amp for my living room.
I heard Orange amps were good so I looked at the Crush CR15 and the Crush CR15R.
The CR15R is about £15 more expensive but it has reverb.
I understand what reverb is (at it's most basic explanation) but I don't understand whether it's a function like overdrive, or if it's permanently 'reverbing'
And are these combo amps valve or ss?
I realise I don't know much in this subject, but that's why I'm asking.
All help appreciated, cheers.
The crush is SS, and the reverb means that it has the option of you turning the reverb (via a dial on the 30, im not sure about the 15)

I recomend the reverb, it sounds real nice.

And the crush is a good amp for practice/at home use.
Hakanku summed it up nicely there, I have the 30R and love it. The reverb sounds great and i always have it on, even if its just on a low setting. I cant imagine it being worse on the 15R, imo it's well worth the extra £15.

I don't know for certain about the 15R, but i would assume its like the bigger version, which, as Hakanku said, has a dial controling the reverb, at 0 its off completely and you can adjust the dial to set the amount of reverb you want.

Hope that helps.