I like the color and that the Agile comes with Alder and im not that big of a fan of the LP shape.
My friend owns the EC 1000 so i know how they play but the Agile gets such great reviews that it makes me want one.The only thing i would mostly likely do with the Agile is change the pickups..

And not to mention the prices of the Agile and im not in a good situation with money at the moment..

I play everything from Metal to blues an allot of lead's.
Also if i get the agile i can get the Boss GT-8 that i always wanted sooner..
definately the ESP
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No ESP for me, although i don't like either since they don't have floyd's. i'm into superstrat kinda things so the agile for me
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Agile. I havent played one, but they get fantastic reviews and it costs half the money and looks better. You could spend the other 400 on it later on when you have some and turn it into a real beast

thats not a bad idea..