Not sure if I've ever posted our stuff up here, but this is a band that I'm in and will be leaving very soon.

Just thought I share some stuff I've done before I depart to start something else.


Poor advice.
I think you got your very own style of making music..
It's good stuff altough I don't it much, in part because of the vocals and the strange chord progession when we don't consider the chorus. Still you seem very creative and that's the most important thing in an artist; you're different, that's good. Fugazi were different and they did succed, let's see if you do too..

keep up!
hands down.
i was always interested if the guys on the songwriting and lyrics forum made music for their stuff too. you probably have your reasons for leaving, but i'm really digging this band. it was like an amalgamation of those influences you had. i liked them all but plus and minus i really enjoyed, the kids would go crazy over that one.
I like your band name a lot!

Great gravity sounds sweet, I'm liking the technical lead work.

And the singer has the sound of this type of singing down really well.

I'm liking the complex rhythms, this song is really good.

I really like the synths in Plus And Minus.

I really really like the rhythm guitar in the beggining of the song at the top of the list.

The singing in this one is catchy too, I think I like this one the most.

I think you guys sound really good!

Crit mine?

This stuff is really cool. I love how it's like pop-punk kind of, but it's actually really creative and original sounding, not like a lot of other stuff. Great Gravity is a cool song and I also love the technical lead work as has been said. What kind of effects are you using on Plus and Minus? That song sounds awesome. I probably like it better than the others. It's really cool and catchy. That weird effect lead thing sounds faintly similar to rudolf the rednose reindeer in the beginning, but I really love Plus Minus. I also thought that You're so Cool was a really good song. I love the lead guitar playing again. Great Job. Keep it up. Mind critting mine, too? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091