Does Vox AC15-cc amp have high enough gain for Satch/Vai solos?

Let me know

No man, sorry.just bought one.......stunningly breathy tones, dynamically supurb amp, but you'll need a distortion box to pull off those type of leads.
Damn, and how much would a distortion box cost?
I was looking for an all-tube amp under $600 with high gain, for solos
any suggestions?
I say buy a ts-9 to boost it! Like the Vox is such a beautiful amp, its a great investment imo!!
hey david!! im tinkin of getting 1 myself, instead of the ac30.
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if you buy an AC30 and have to lug it around a lot you should buy a travel case with wheels because they are heavy plus the case allows you do "throw it around" a bit more