The quilted version has a quilted top, it's a layer of figured wood that gives a nice look to the bass. The other (and main) difference is the pickups. The quilted version uses active electronics (uses a battery to amplify the signal inside the gutiar or something), wich gives an other sound then passive electronics, but I'm sure someone else around here can explain that difference way better, for I have 0 experience with active electronics
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i personly wont go for a dean bass, but i would go for the expensive one with the actives

I have a Dean Edge 4. It was my first bass. I didn't know shit about basses so I just chose it because it looked nice. As it turns out it's actually a pretty good bass to start out on. Beats a no name p-bass copy anyway. Sounds pretty cool for fingerstyle playing, not so hot with a pick though. You can even coax a passable slap tone from it.
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You know you're a bassist when someone asks you why you play bass and you reply, "Bass is my voice, my expression. I can say things through my bass that I can't anywhere else. Also, it makes my nutsack vibrate."
Ah, i played the dean edge 4 in a shop

even after 4 months of sitting and being played on i thought i sounded pretty dang good