This is an improvised solo over a backing track I got from guitarbt.com, big props to whoever made it!
It's recorded in my bedroom with a crappy mic, so don't expect high quality

"Rockballad Improv" on

C4C, enjoy, thanks
very nice man
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sounds good, fits in the bg sound.. nice improv., I like your style
hands down.
a couple parts seemed kind of rushed and there were a few notes that sounded kind of off, but for the most part it was great
It was cool. More feeling would be nice, but it is still good. It reminds me of november rain or home sweet home or some 80s song with the keyboards. The backing sounds a little too computerized, but you did a good job with the guitar playing. Keep it up. Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091
the actual solo sounded really good id just like to hear it over a diff backing like someone said it sounded too computerized. but good solo tho i enjoyed it
Just like to clarify, the backing isn't mine, although I do like it myself
the crit is mainly for the solo.