i am just getting into metallica and i want to know more good songs by them. I already know fade to black, master of puppets, one, hero of the day and enter sandman.
Hm well i recommend disposable heroes, sweet home sanitarium and my personal fave; leper messiah! ROCK ON METALLICA !!
Whiskey In The Jar!!!
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People don't like Dave Mustaine because he created something that owned Metallica in just about every single aspect of thrash metal.

it's true
ride the lightning...
highly recommended and for whom the bell tolls
ride the lightning will always be the best album by metallica ever!!!
One, Orion, Nothing Else Matters, most of the songs on the Garage Inc. album, and definitely all of the others that have been listed above me.
blackened, orion, seek and destroy, no remorse, battery, harvester of sorrow, for whom the bell tolls, fight fire with fire, sad but true, sanitarium, nothing else matters,
Yeah, right, just listen to the four first albums of Metallica. They are the best. And if you like it, just watch some videos with cliff burton. (Bass-guitar player of the first 3 albums. He dies at the Master of Puppets tour) A ****ing great bass-guitar player. I don't know every bass player of the world, but is think he was and still is the best bass player of the world
St. Anger, Frantic, Some Kind Of Monster, Dirty Window, Shoot Me Again...

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i would say get a list of all their songs, close your eyes and just point to one. some people don't like Load/reload/st anger, whatever thats their opinion. i dig'em BECAUSE they sound different. but "....and justice for all" is prolly the most technical of all their albums and a couple songs on there will require a good memory cuz of all the different passages.