I recently picked up a tube amp, second hand, and it's fairly old (probably close to 40 years). It gives a fair amount of feedback when I'm not touching any metal on the guitar, which makes me think it's not grounding.

Also, how hot are they suppose to get. I play for a half hour and it gets fairly hot. The person I bought it from said he had sent it to the factory for fixing, but they may have put something back wrong. Did they? or is this to be expected from a tube amp?
OK. I know someone who'll probably fix it up for free, but what about the feedback I get. it's not even feedback. It's a constant distorted sounding thing. Would that be the same problem as everything else?
Probably some old leaky caps and resistors. Maybe new tubes would help too. Tube amps have hum, but if it's more than that, it's probably something the repairs will fix up.