ok, so i'm fairly newbish compared to you guys, and this might be in the wrong forum, but basically, i've been playing guitar for about ten months now, mostly self taught, just started lessons. I like to think i'm not bad considering how long i've been playing. anyway, down to it. i have a squier strat, 02 or 03 model, pretty standard newb stuff, bought for 60 quid with amp off a mate, changed knobs and scratchplate after a month, then left it. i'm now at a stage where i want to get more out of my guitar, but i really like the way mine feels and plays, and i havent got too much cash. i was basically thinking a pickup change and a few other bits might just enhance the overall.... i'm babbling now. just take a look at this, tell me what you think, and give me some other ideas...


cheers! (p.s. i play mostly indie/rock, through a laney lx35d if it helps.)
I don't know much about these pickups. What would is your Squier? All I have heard is that some KJ's arn't the real thing, correct me if i'm wrong.

Just to let you know, I put a set of American Strat pickups into, dare i say, plywood copy. And know and again I like to pick it up in comparison to my LP because I can get a nice vintage tone out of it.


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if by would you mean wood, then i should point out i bought this guitar when i had no clue about guitars, and as a result have no clue about spec or anything. hell, i'm not even sure of the year! all i know it is a small headstock model (before the huge heads of modern squiers) and i like it when its unplugged, but plugged in it sounds jangly in the bridge position, and all other positions sound muddy as fook. i really just want to do this as an experience/project/something to do, and an attempt to make it sound slightly better. sorry for rambling, and cheers in advance!
Oh! Sorry yes, I meant wood. If your unsure of the wood, Id do it for pure experience, heck, it might even turn out nice. Its one of those things with cheaper guitars, the prediction is that they are going to be total garbage if you mod them. But ive heard and seen plenty that have turned out great.


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ok, so just broke a string, and im all out, so im goin to the guitar shop tomorrow, are there any cheapish brands of pickup to look for? or any to avoid? just in case the whole ebay thing goes through.... cheers for your patience

Bare knuckle pickups.


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GFS pickups


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I've heard (both on the net and in person) good things about Pure-Tone pickups. The only thing is they don't to RWRP middle pickups.
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I'd steer clear of that unless you are thinking of doing a complete re-wire too.

I've just replaced my pickups with Kent Armstrongs on a squire strat, for the price, they are great and make the guitar much more versatile, and it doesn't scare my dog any more (I think there is some strange high frequency stuff going on with the stock pickups!). I went for 2 single coils and a humbucker at the bridge.

The trouble with that scratch plate is that it has the Squier components still on it - and they are crap, as is the wiring - I replaced all the wiring, pots and switch with top of the range kit, and it's made a massive difference - the tone pots now have a massive range of tone compared to how they work on a stock Squier.

If you are thinking of buying that, I'd factor in 25 quid for a strat re-wire kit from wdmusic.co.uk and a couple of hours with a soldering iron.
GFS has some pretty decent and inexpensive stuff. As posted above, it'll be worth it to replace the wiring harness (pots, switch, etc.). If your Squier is an Affinity, it'll be made of Alder, a very decent platform to launch your first modding project. Check out some of the inexpensive stuff you can acquire from Guitar Fetish. THey have some pretty nice Wilkinson bridges (beefy trem blocks just like the MIA and MIJ trems) and tuners that you'll be happy with.

Lots of UG modders have had pretty good results from GFS parts. Good Luck!

yeah, so i guess this is kinda a bump, but hey... i'm from uk unfortunately, so gfs are not an option i have however found this site, which looks kinda promising


(please bear in mind that i really don't have much cash, so please don't go saying 'get some sd's' or something)

and yeah, i know saving up is a bit of a no brainer, but the less grown up side of me tells me to get them with enough time before my gig in just over a week

p.s, i still might go with that scratchplate and just replace a few bits, as the pups look good for the price, and i like the idea of them being already coil tapped
Axesrus is a reliable site, if you buy now, you will have it by tuesday. i ordered a pickguard for my les paul special on a sunday and got it by the immediate tuesday.
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