Im very keen to get a mosrite guitar, cuz i know no one who has 1, their rare to find here. also , johnny ramone used one. i was wondering , is it possible to get a mosrite , similar to johnny`s (not the JR copy) at a low price, ie not over $1000. prefereably around $400 -$600. even a japanese copy would be grand. i cant find a relativley cheap one anywhere. tahnx for ur help.
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i thought they were around $550?

maybe that was £, i'm english so i dunno how much that would be
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Get down to some pawnshops and second-hand guitar shops and see if you can find one going cheap. It's a shame you don't live in England because I bet there's one on Denmark Street somewhere.

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myrareguitars.com look at the demo gutiars and the eastwoods... very nice.
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I got a jap johnny ramone Mosrite off ebay for $800 shipped, pretty much worked out exactly the same as it would've to buy an eastwood johnny ramone model!


I've wanted this guitar since I started playing 10 years ago, still can't believe I got one!

just keep hunting, ebay's the best bet, I live in the UK so I got humped with import tax and VAT when the guitar arrived in the country, even though all in it cost roughly £550 shipped and inc VAT (which was £100!!! I hate HM customs)
Eastwood and univox, I'm sure there is a ventures signature mosrite style guitar too, cannot remember who makes it though, maybe eastwood do.
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