Alright, so... If I am replacing my power tubes, what do I need to know? I already know that they were 6L6 sovteks (sp?). Can I use any brand or what? What do I need to know?
Take it to a tech. Tube amplifiers contain LETHAL voltages that can cost you your life if you don't know what you're doing. If the person is reasonable, they won't charge you a lot for the tube swap. Ask them to show you how to do it if they seem nice enough.
you'll probably want to stay with 6L6 type tubes but you could put in any octal (8 pin) power tubes if you wish. If you really didn't want to mess around, you could probably a buy a matched pair or quad of 6L6 Sovtek's and be fine but your chancing it. Your amp will be a little hot or cold, but the bias will mostly likely be within' "usable" range. This is never reccomended though unless in emergencies like if you need a quick tube replacement at a gig. You must have the right equipment and know-how to properly and safely bias your amp. Since you don't really know how to do it yet, you should have a tech do it. They usually won't charge more than $25.

At the very least you'll need a digital multimeter to do it yourself

What amp do you have?
I have a b-52 at100 head. It cut out on me yesterday and everyones saying its the power tubes. Its my first tube head, so I'm kind of new at them.

and since I have to get new tubes anyways, should I just have them put in all new tubes for everything?
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