I had an interesting experience a little while back. I'm practicing in my school's band room, and my friend is in there doing homework. I'm just fooling around at this point, playing whatever jumps into my head, when I play the main line to Smoke On the Water. My friend looks up, disgusted, and says something to the effect of "Why are you playing that???" I reply, a little shocked at his reaction- "Because its Smoke On the Water. It's awesome!" "But you can't play that. It's too overplayed. Everyone knows it, and can play it. Be more original!"
I was kind of irritated, but he did have a point. Are such songs as "Smoke" and "Iron Man" simply TOO classic, and should they be pretty much deemed unplayable? Or are they classic for a reason ; that they are timeless, and learning and playing them is respect for the artists that wrote them? What are your thoughts?
I think learning to play songs like that is a cool thing at first, but then when I realise everyone knows that song, it makes my learning it feel a tad less special.
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It depends whether or not you play it all the time.

It also depends on the company, if you play Iron Man or something to a guitar n00b, they'll probably say somthing like "OMG, Y0u can play Ir0n man?"

while if you play it in front of guitar players, they'll just tell you to shu the **** up.
When you just play the riff it is kind of annoying, because everyone does know it and it is overplayed. If you bother to learn the Smoke on thw Water solo, then it's better because the only thing people know is the riff.
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Your friends a dipshit. (no offense)

There's no reason you can't play it, we don't live in a fascist country.

Especially since you were just fooling around by yourself. It's weird that he would say something like that.

Now if you had wanted to play a cover of it at a talent show or something and he had had that reaction, that would've been justified.
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Certian songs Every guitar player should know at least a part of.I don't really think it is the whole song entirely that makes it classic,But more so the key riff.Think of it this way.You played the main riff to Smoke on the water and it was instantly recognized.What if you played a different riff from the song.Would anyone realize what it was?

I think the one riff overshadows a lot of classic songs.
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lol why would he say that?
it's a good song and as long as it's not the only song you ever play, who cares?
i mean if it was the only song you ever played i would tell you to shut up too
but there's nothing wrongh with playing it every once in a while
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Well, they get pretty boring when you hear them played millions of times...


i think sabbath and deep purple have both released much better stuff. children of the grave and hush ftw!
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I don't see a problem with playing Smoke On The Water, maybe if someone's playing it badly, repeatedly.

I play it at home, then just improvise on the solo, that usually balances things out.
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Its different when these songs are played in full.
The main riffs alone get annoying though.
I dont know, its just that songs like Stairway to Heaven, Time of Your Life, Smoke on the Water, and Smells Like Teen Spirit (the 4 unforgivable songs I like to call them) are songs that EVERY guitar player starting out learns how to play and its just annoying.

Its basically acknowleged that playing any of those four songs means you blow.
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Classics are classics because they're excellent pieces of music. I just don't like when people only know the classics "ie. Stairway To Heaven" and claim to be a fan of that band. How many people I've heard say "I love Zeppelin!" and then don't have a clue as to what Achilles' Last Stand or Dazed and Confused is. ****ers.
Play it all you like. But guitar players will think more of you if you play something more interesting/original.
I see what your friend means really. I'm getting a bit sick of Sweet Child o' Mine to be honest...
I play it like once every few months, but yea, if you play it constantly it does get boring.
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