Oh yes, another drugs thread...

But the Drgs Test thread made me wonder about this: What on Earth is Savlia like to take? It doesn't contain THC so I'm assuming it's completely different to smoking pot... What is the trip like, and what makes it so different to not make it illegal?

And yes, oh yes, I have used the search bar and can't find anything which answers these questions.

There is a ****ing drug thread for a reason, you god damn 07'ers.

Put 2 and 2 together.

"hmm, drug thread....drug question."

don't you think they kinda go hand in hand?

why don't you stop adding poinless threads to the pit, as there enough as it is.
you've gotta smoke alot of it to get the trip. So before you trip, the high actually feels alot like pot. Then the trip happens and it's pretty cool. You get really dizzy and shut your eyes, and then when you open them, everything's different. My friend laughed hysterically for 3 minutes and I started seeing Grecian pillars everywhere. Only problem is it's a really short trip. 5 minutes maximum, and then within 20 you're not even high anymore.
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i heard its like taking 10 acid strips but i have no personal experience ima order sum once i get a credit card though
i also heard that shamens in mexico use it for like vision quest so that should be an idea on how high it gets you
There is a ****ing drug thread for a reason, you god damn 07'ers.

Tell you what, go search 418 pages to answer my question you elitist bastard.

Thank you Civildp [EDIT: And Sebek] for actually giving an answer instead of being as stuck up as some of the other UG users.