So right now i have a Jekyll and Hyde Ultimate Overdrive, i'm getting a Blues Junior in a week or two but i'm wondering if it would be better for me to sell that and put more money and get an Electro Harmonix English Muff'n. I've played the J&H with a BJ before and the tone is so great, but i dont use the distortion side at all. Also i can't try out the Muffn GC doesnt carry them, neither does any of the other stores around here.

thanks you guys.
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Listen to loads of clips of the muffin, try youtube too.
But try the J&H with the Blues Jr again, and see if you get any use from the distortion side.
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if it sounds great why does it matter if you don't use the distortion side just use it regardless if u sell it you may regret it and also just use the dist. channel on low gain high volume for a solo boost IMO a great idea.
J&H hands down. I used to play it all the time through a BJ at work and it sounded really damn good. Besides, you never know when your musical style is going to change and you might eventually need the distortion side for some heavier riffs if not solos.
The Muff'n has more usable range than the J&H, as it stays nice and quiet with more distortion. The response is better too. The full EQ is really versatile as well. The only issue with the Muff'n is that you can't use a battery with it, you have to use the adapter.
I find the distortion side by its self is a bit heavy for my styles, but with the OD side with it, although there's more gain, it's a less scooped sound, and a more fat, smooth tone that's great for solos.
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