I know that already exists a thread were people can suggest songs to play - Detailed "what songs" thread - but I decided to create a thread of the same type but only for acoustic guitar songs. I made this just because I love acoustic/classical guitar songs and I think this thread can be very useful for people like me who like to play beautiful acoustic songs.

I suggest that, anyone that participates in this thread, submit the same information that is requested in the other thread(song name and artist; genre; skill level 0-10; why this song; appropriate occasions this could be used for; links).

Please participate!

Okay.. so i post a song and review it a bit?

Doyle Dykes, Peace Over Shanghai

Difficulty: i'd say at least an 8.

I just really like this song. It is the only song i can close my eyes to and just see a real person playing in front of me. It really takes me out of my room and to somewhere far away. Doyle Dykes just blows me away, man.

Genre: I'd have to call it neo-classical, but some might call it folk.
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