I've emailed them several times about the availability of guitars and amps. So far I've asked 9 guitars and all 9 of them were out of stock in two nearest store from my town which is (Toronto). Then I've asked 6 amps and only 3 were in stock. Now, all the guitars and amps I've asked were not "Rare" guitars/amp they were popular items like - Ibanez RG350 / RG321 / S520EX

Now I don't have a clue where I'm going to buy my guitar/amp.
I live in Toronto, Canada and I want to get an Ibanez guitar with Vox/Fender/Traynor amp.

Any suggestion on which store to check?

Can they not order it in or anything?
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Can't you just ask L&M to order one in for you? I did that for my pedal board and octave pedal.
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Yeah, I've heard that they can ship the item to the nearest store around me, but since I don't know the exact model I'm going to buy, I was hoping to have a variety of guitars that I can choose from by trying them in the store.

Like if I tell them to ship a guitar from Vancouver to Toronto, do I have to buy it even if I dont like it?
Go into a store and go to the desk. Dont Bother emailing them. They would rather people come to the store to talk with them. They can order anything for you (except stuff they dont carry like ESP). I only have good things to say about Long and McQuade. And i couldnt imagine a L&M without a million Traynor amps in their store. It where I got mine.
You don't HAVE to buy it. I know because I go to the Steeles location almost every week. They ordered my Uber Metal pedal from the Pickering location and the guitar helper dude let me try it even though they ORDERED it. They can still sell it because it's free to transfer an item to another L-M.
You might want to check out Steve's Music in Toronto (on Queen's street i think) if you haven't already. They have a better selection of guitars like jacksons, esp, schecter, and the like. I'm not one hundred percent sure they carry Ibanez but I'm sure that they do, and I would expect they would let you order anything. Oh and if they order for you, you can play it before buying it.
Steves barely has any ibanez guitars got to Cosmo Music on Yonge street thats where i bought my ibanez
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i've had my eye on the mesa boogie line, my price range is under $600.

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maybe you could buy a picture of one for 600, and just pretend for awhile...

I'm a lefty player living in London Ontario. Finding a lefty here is nearly impossible, plus it seems guitar stores here just don't want to sell anything to anyone.

Anyways, a friend of mine suggested L&M in Toronto, so I called them. They were so helpful. They even told me they had the lefty model Ibanez I wanted in their Burlington Ontario store. So then I called them.

I sent them a postal money order and within 4 days, I had my guitar in my hand, delivered to my door. Delivery was actually only $15! Nice.

The guitar they sent me was brand-spanking-new, no defects, and double boxed with tons of newspaper padding. They didn't have the lefty whammy in stock so they sent me a righty which works fine. They ordered a lefty whammy kit and told me they'd send it as soon as it got there. They even threw in a free gig bag.

Very happily impressed. Try them again.. I know I will.
Yeah, I live 3 minutes walk from the L&M in Burlington, and am in there constantly. I just bought a Takamine 12 String there. Prices are pretty decent, and they're pretty helpful in there. Huge store too. I was very impressed. I've been to a whole bunch of L&M's, but this was by far the best.
Main Gear:
Cort G-Series 254
Takamine EG345C 12-String
Fender Squier P-Bass

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I feel lucky. The closest L&M to me is their Guitar Specialty Store in Cambridge Me and my buds are in there constantly trying out all the guitars (they sell almost exclusively guitars, though the selection is fairly limited to PRS, Gibson/Epiphone, and Fender). Also, L&M will bring in guitars from ANY other centre with no need to purchase (since they can just sell it at the new location anyway, they hold that right). I shipped my Firebird in from TO cause I can't get out there (I met it in Burlington). So just ask them to bring in what you want to try out, try it out, and get what you want. And to the guy who said he couldn't imagine a L&M without Traynor, go to Cambridge, they only have 2 (1 Tube Mate 30 and 1 Guitar Mate 15 lol, that stupid store only sells Line 6, Peavey and Marshall).
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Dude, shop Mother's Music!

They're so much better than L&McQ.

Customer service, they're almost never out of stock, usually a lot cheaper. The only down side is they don't have as big a selection, but then again, they seem to cater to the Metal side of things.