My band needs a new powered mixer, because the old one for our PA system overheated and some circuitry got frazzled. So now we've got the speakers, but no mixer. It was a Wharfedale Pro system, with a PM500 mixer. Website with info is there: (http://www.wharfedalepro.com/frames/mixer_pm.s.html)

So, I know nothing about buying a new powered mixer, but I believe that I must take into account some of the speaker's specifications. The brochure on the website says the "nominal impedance is 8 ohm".

It says this about power:

Power (Watts) -
Continuous: 110
Music: 220
Peak: 440
Max SPL Peak: 119db

So, should the mixer have around the same wattage output? The PM500 which (the one that broke), apparently has 120 watts max output at 4 ohms.

So... any advice? Thank you to anyone who helps. If anyone knows what sort of thing I should be looking at as well, good brands etc, that'd be helpful.