Theres this new company which is really great. Theyve got some really nice guitars. My friend (the guitarist from New Englands doom band Shroud Of Bereavement) might get endorsed by them, theyre great guitars and I'm going to probably buy one eventually. Check em out. If youve heard tell me what you think of them.
I wouldn't immediately pin this as an advertisement. People talk about guitar brands all of the time here and weigh how good they are. If the only thing that ever gets said is "They're awesome. You should check them out." then I'd probably agree with you. But if you're just going to discuss their different strong/weak points, or what styles they're good for and such, not a big deal. It has to be a discussion though, not just a pitch from one user.

People have had the exact same thread about Fenders, PRS, Gibson, and all the other major makes. Discuss if you want to discuss. Just don't pitch a guitar for a whole thread is all.
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Was just looking at them, they do look like nice guitars. Apparently they are "affordable" pricing. I doubt there is any in Australia though and its the same thing with the Agile guitars (rondomusic.com) .
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Making friends I see . Please leave our forums and advertise elsewhere. We have enough people here who cant defend there argument without saying "You guys are balls."
i said you guys are balls because im being accused of advertising. because i like an unknown brand of guitar and would like to share it with people who may like them, doesnt mean im making a profit from it. i just think theyre cool looking, affordable, and worth looking at.
I've heard of them before on UG.
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I went through their list of dealers with websites(that worked) and none of them had anything about Winter Guitars on their sites.
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my friend has the W-300. Its actually an insanely good guitar for the price. I think he got his for like $225. It kills everything else i've played in the same price range.

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