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whats the best and easyist instrumental you've ever heard?
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Mary Had a Little Lamb, or something equally stupid.

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there are lots of great easy but awsome instrumental...such as: glassgow kiss, and canon rock!
Find yourself...just start smelling!
Baluchitherium by Van Halen, Dee by Randy Rhoads, and that's it as far as instrumental. As for easy, I don't know.
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Quote by t.t deville
there are lots of great easy but awsome instrumental...such as: glassgow kiss, and canon rock!

Glasgow Kiss is easy?

Way to make me feel inadequate
orion -metallica
classical gas - eric clapton ummmmmm.... i dont knowtender surrender - steve vai
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I like anything by John Cage. He has the simplest, but most brilliant mind to come out BEFORE the *scene* experimental.

^ and Classical Gas
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Any bands you're trying to copy/sound like?
Racer X- Scarified
John Petrucci- Lost Without You
John Petrucci- Glasgow Kiss
Opeth- Silhouette
Pink Floyd- The Great Gig in the Sky
Dream Theater- Erotomania
Pink Floyd- Atom Heart Mother
Pink Floyd- Signs of Life
Pink Floyd- Cluster One
Symphony X- Death of Balance/Lacrymosa
Alan Parsons Project- I Robot
Alan Parsons Project- The Turn of a Friendly Card: The Ace of Swords
Daylight Dies- Dismantling Devotion
George Benson- Shape of Things To Come
George Benson- Footin' It
Spyro Gyra- Shaker Song
Spyro Gyra- Incognito
George Benson- Don't Let Me Lose This Dream
Spryo Gyra- Bob Goes to the Store
Sigur Rós- Refur
Sigur Rós- Kafari
Stan Getz- Early Autumn
Spyro Gyra- Conversations
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The Call of Ktulu by Metallica is fairly easy, except for the solo, but if you can improvise it's no problem.

Z-edit: ooh, and Hangar 18 by Megadeth.. then again, maybe not.
I don't know 'easy' but The Call of Ktulu by Metallica is really, really, frickin' REALLY fun to play.
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I don't know 'easy' but The Call of Ktulu by Metallica is really, really, frickin' REALLY fun to play.

I know man, that's one of my favorite 'Tallica songs to play!
To Live is To Die by Metallica
(the eight words that James mumbles doesnt count as vocals).
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Steve Vai's For The Love OF God is easy, because the solo is just obnoxious noodling with a wah.
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The Satch Boogie is easily my favorite.
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Voice of the Soul by Death
Instrumental by Katatonia
Anything by Russian Circles
Auto Rock- Mogwai

Just a few mentioned.
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Voice of the Soul by Death

Beaten to it. Amazing instrumental.

...and Opeth's Patterns in the Ivy. Simple, but sweet.
Bareback - The Darkness

Awesome song
I play bass

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orion - metallica, its damn good, the crusade - trivium, yngwies stuff although its pretty fast
Opeth - Ending Credits
Opeth - Patterns In The Ivy

Two really nice instumentals.
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Songs by Sunn O))) probably have some easy parts to play

lol just step on your guitar.
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Jessia-Allman Brothers


You made me Lol

Steve Vai - Tender Surrender
Buckethead - Whitewash
Ooh, anything off Colma or Electric Tears by Buckethead. Nice stuff.

EDIT: ^ Darn you
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Every time I see your avatar I want to slit your neck with a butterknife. Goddamn Pingu.
John Frusciante - Murderers
They're not the easiest of songs, but I love All Blues by Miles Davis, One Song by Dave Brubeck, and George Benson's Breezin' album.

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testing by cky isn't hard
erotomania by dream theater is pretty good
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yeah Glasgow Kiss is sweet it turns heads when played correctly which aint that hard to do.

Far Beyond The Sun and Black Star By Yngwie
Guitar Boogie by Tommy Emmanuel
Stevie Ray Vaughan's Version of Little Wing.
Ocean By John Butler
Drop C your Guitar And you can play Bad Horsie By Steve Vai.
Europa - Carlos Santana
Capricho arabe, Gran Valz(Waltz) and Recuerdos de la Alhambra by Francisco Tarrega
Greensleeves is fun to play it nice a laidback
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Little wing- Stevie Ray Vaughan

Russian Circles is a fantastic instrumental band.
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Change of seasons (The Crimson Sunrise, The Darkest of winters) - Dream Theater
Cliffs Of Dovers - Eric Johnson
Acoustic Medley - In Flames
Man Made God - In Flames
Wishful Thinking - John Petrucci
The Audience is Listening - Steve Vai
Stratosphere - Stratovarius
Hells Kitchen - Dream Theater (Can't believe no one said this one...)
And a few L.T.E stuff...

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