Looking to trade my Digitech Grunge and Morley Classic Wah (also acts as a volume pedal, when the wah is off).

Send me a PM with your offer. I'm interested in just about anything, but mostly looking for pedals. Let me know what you got.
if your interested in trading wah. I have a Vox V847 wah and a zoom505II effects pedal (you can find both on google images ). The vox is very good and you can make some interesting effects on the zoom 505. IF you are interested email me at paddy_shanahan05@eircom.net
Paddy Shanahan
My gear
Ibanez grg270bjb GIO
Tascam portastudio5 modded into an effects system plugging into a vox wah into a fender15watt frontman

or a gibson les paul standard...it doesnt need an amp, Big Grin